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Standard Rims


We use African Mahogany/Sapele in preference to the more commonly available Brazilian Mahogany as it is harder, has more pleasing grain and is of better colour.



American Black Walnut. Rich, deep smoky grey with black veining - exceptionally beautiful. Superior to most European walnut which is difficult to obtain, of poor quality and extremely expensive.



Occasionally we are able to obtain small supplies of more unusual timbers that can make a beautiful and unique alternative to the standard rims. The following are currently available.

Timber Availability Price
Brazillian Mahogany Selected for better colour. Several P.O.A
Cherry Pale pink initially with subtle darker growth rings and occasional reddish steaks, darkening after exposure to light. Several P.O.A
Ovangkol Very rare. Yellow-brown background with black streaking. Striking appearence, hard and heavy. Several P.O.A
Sycamore Pale creamy white with pale growth rings and satin-like texture, similar to maple NB. Constructed with contrasting mahogany or walnut spline. Several P.O.A
Teak Old timber is now very hard to obtain. Golden brown with dark streaking. One only P.O.A
Zebrano Very contemporay. Yellow-brown with regular dark brown parallel lines. Several P.O.A

Syncamore As seen in gallery

Extra Specials

Timber Availability Price
Birds-eye Maple The creme-de-la-creme of pale timbers, now almost impossible to obtain as solid timber. Creamy white with scattered 'eyes' and undescribable 'chatoyance' contrasting spline. One only P.O.A
Indian Rosewood Dark purplish-brown and black streaks. This timber is sustainable platation-grown stock but is only sporadically available. As available P.O.A

One-offs Vehicle Brands

We can manufacture for other vehicles as long as their construction is suitable. E.g. the Panhard in the gallery.

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